The MPX-90s is a photo impact printer that uses a hard tipped stylus to strike the material over and over again to create your design. Users can add anything from text to images without creating debris, odor, or much noise. The unit itself is compact and portable, fully enclosed, plugs into a standard outlet, and requires no ventilation, making it perfect for things like shops and trade shows. It’s low entry price and daily maintenance free operation make it a cost effective machine that’s easy and safe to use with very little clean-up.

The MPX is very versatile and can be used for things like gift customization and part marking. The hard tipped stylus is quick and precise with the ability to mark platinum, titanium, gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper, stainless steel, steel, iron, aluminum, acrylic and more up to 200HV without burning, removing material, or leaving residue. The built in laser pointer and automatic surface detection make it easy to locate the part origin at the press of a button. The removable base plate allows you to mark larger items that would normally be too big to fit. The MPX-95 comes with it’s own software to run the machine.

One common use for the MPX-90s include adding things like text, artwork, and detailed photo imprints onto items like gifts, souvenirs, plaques, and jewellery to add value and personalization. This can be perfect for gift shops, kiosks, craft fairs, pet shows, weddings and more. Another common use is adding things like names, serial numbers, and barcodes onto items like devices, parts, equipment, and medical tools to provide information and comply with specific regulations. The MPX-95 is able to imprint on both flat and curved surfaces, and is able to fit up to 26 digits of complex barcode data in a printable area as small as 1 square millimeter, with a maximum printing area of 80 square millimeters. Two kits are offered for the MPX-95 that cater to the most common uses shown above.

The Gift Kit comes with a standard center vise to make initial positioning and clamping quick and easy. Adjustable clamp-pins can also be installed on the vise to hold irregular shaped items, and to help with repeatable positioning when swapping similar items. It also comes with 30 plastic round head caps that will glide gently over flat and curved surfaces while the stylus does its job. METAZA Studio and Dr. Engrave software are included to program the desired imprints. You can use this kit to imprint on items like pens, smartphone cases, sunglasses, flasks, urns, watches, golf clubs, trophies, dog tags, lighters, and more.

The Direct Part Marking kit comes with the same standard center vise with adjustable clamp-pins. It also includes a DPM vise that can be ideal for holding tools and swapping quickly between different sized items. There are 40 plastic head caps provided with this kit, 30 rounded and 10 flat. The bundled DPM version of METAZA Studio can be used to program what you want imprinted on the part. One common use for this kit is to label medical instruments and equipment to be compliant with unique device identification (UDI) regulations.

Parent Product: Roland

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