There are multiple ways to license GibbsCAM. The method you choose will depend on what you need.

Hardware Key

A Hardware Key license pairs with a USB dongle that can be moved from one system to another. GibbsCAM will only run on the one it’s plugged into.

Network License Option

GibbsCAM Network Licensing (NLO) establishes a network license server that maintains a software key for each GibbsCAM product option purchased from CAMBRIO. These software keys (or “licenses”) are distributed to nodes across a network to enable the workstations (nodes with installed CAMBRIO application software) to run the purchased module options. NLO is an alternative to hardware keys: When a client runs the GibbsCAM application software, a software key is “checked out” from the license server. There is no limit to the number of GibbsCAM seats installed on the network, only a limit to the number that can be used concurrently with each license server. Each client’s license file can be created and installed through the Internet or, if the workstation lacks Internet access, by electronic or physical mail.