Cloud-Based Tool, Inventory and Order management at your fingertips

CRIBWISE helps you to control your manufacturing inventory, including cutting tools, equipment and assets, with our easy to use and fully customizable tooling inventory management software.

Every feature you need to grow a modern profitable business

CRIBWISE® intuitive interface gives you full visibility and control over your tooling inventory and streamlines tool purchasing process. With our tools management system you can automate tool procurement, streamline usage of consumable and durable goods, reduce working capital and improve your shop floor productivity.

Based on ISO parameters, this robust solution dispenses, replenishes and manages your critical items, independent of brands, and connects you to more than 40 of industry’s top tooling suppliers, giving access to over one million items.

CRIBWISE customers have reduced tooling and equipment inventory costs by as much as 20%

Up to 10% immediate reduction on tool usage costs

Consumption of Personal Protective Equipment cut by almost 40%

Circa 30% decline on on-hand inventory levels

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What CRIBWISE can do for you:


Get complete visibility of which tools are being picked and returned.

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Tool Management Benefits

Optimize tooling utilization across workers, teams and functions.

Know what tools need replacing or maintenance and when.

Reduce the time wasted in manually searching for tools.

Minimize tool misplacement.


Visualize and optimize your inventory using built-in intelligence of ABC-classification and graphical overviews.

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Inventory Management Benefits

Reduce the amount of capital tied up in tooling inventory


Prevent overstocking and reduce the cost

Get an insight into inventory usage and trends

Track your inventory in real time


Integrate into your existing ERP and streamline the tool purchasing process.

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Order Management Benefits

Quickly and easily pinpoint tool consumption

Allocate tools on a per-work order basis

Automate & streamline the purchase ordering process

Minimize administrative tasks and improve efficiency


This Artificial Intelligence feature analyzes and optimizes stock levels of consumable items in a fraction of the time a stock manager would need, controlling costs and ensuring production.

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Stock Optimization Benefits

Save time.

Improve inventory metrics.

Artificial intelligence.

Leverage technology.

About Us

CRIBWISE is a digital tool inventory management software built on the latest technology. Part of Sandvik Group, we help businesses to take control of their cutting tool inventory and related processes within the manufacturing sector.

CRIBWISE is part of the tooling business area of the Sandvik Group, a high-tech global engineering group. Sandvik brings together more than 150 years of manufacturing expertise with the latest developments in digital technologies.

Our software solutions cover the full manufacturing workflow—including design and planning, preparation, machining, verification, and evaluation.

Key Features

Work Order Management

Access tool consumption per work order or attach certain tools to use based on a unique work order. Make sure your operators allocate the right tools for the specific job to be carried out.

Automated Purchase & Service Orders

Minimize administrative tasks and let CRIBWISE take care of your purchase & service management. Generate and automate purchase orders with no human interaction and make sure you never run low on stock.

Spare Part Management

Identify the parts you’ll need to have on hand to keep your machines running. Access related items such as spare parts via the built-in catalogue connection to several leading cutting tool manufacturers.

Manufacturer Catalog Services

Use CRIBWISE built-in catalogue connections and empower your team with easy and fast access to inventory related data and information from several leading cutting tool manufacturers.

Automated Dispense Management

CRIBWISE provides optimised utilisation by automatically dispensing reconditioned and used items before prioritising brand new ones.

What People Are Saying:

“CRIBWISE storage is located so that all the operators have an easy access to it. And so that everything can be found in one place. In my daily work I both pick up tools for my daily tasks but also fill up the storage with new tool bits, whet stone bits, drill bits and other tools. I just put the bits in places the system shows to me and sign the task done. It’s that simple.”

Marita Rinne

Operator, Sandvik Mining & Rock Solutions

“The team behind CRIBWISE is incredibly knowledgeable about tool management, with experience of working with all sizes of industrial businesses spanning several decades with different technological solutions. They are professional, responsive, approachable and a pleasure to work with. We feel like one, unified team, working for the same goals.”

Pablo Castro, Executive and Sales Director – Adeptmec

“We had a tool inventory of $700k, about 10% of our annual turnover. CRIBWISE reduced our stock levels and automated all orders. This allows me to lead the company forward.”

Roger Berggren, CEO – Fårbo Mekaniska


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