GO Solid Milling

GO Solid Milling

GibbsCAM’s cost-effective suite of solids-based options provide a more complete representation and enable more intuitive modeling and advanced machining capabilities for today’s solid and surface models.

Create ultra-efficient part programs with gouge-free toolpaths using GibbsCAM’s integrated advanced machining capabilities. Programming efficiency is significantly enhanced with highly automated multi-tool, multi-surface roughing and finishing, and “material only” machining methods.

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GO Solid Milling adds another level to GO Milling. The GO Solid Milling package includes these powerful capabilities below to the GO Milling features.

Powerful Solid Modeling

Whether you import solid models from a CAD system, create your own from scratch, or modify an imported solid to create a manufacturable version, GibbsCAM GO Solid Milling provides a full range of solid modeling functionality with advanced functionality like history trees to support you. And its industry-leading ease-of-use makes working with solids straightforward and easy-to-understand. With its powerful solid modeling tools, you can take full advantage of solid modeling technology.

Importing and Repairing Surface Models

Even with the transition to solids, CAD systems still generate surface models that must be imported and machined. With GibbsCAM GO Solid Milling, you can read in surface models and then repair any problems that you encounter with a broad range of surface modeling tools. And you can create your own surfaces for machining. If you still work with surface models, GibbsCAM GO Solid Milling can still cut your jobs and provide a great migration path to solids-based machining.

CAD Import

Import Parasolids, ACIS/SAT, STEP® and VDA models, and also directly from well-known CAD systems such as Solid Edge®, SOLIDWORKS®, and Inventor®. Options are available to extend CAD Interoperability for PTC, CATIA and NX.

Automatic Solidification

With GibbsCAM GO Solid Milling, you do not have to start with solid models to take advantage of solids-based machining. Automatically stitch surface models together, whether imported or created, to create solid models that can then be further modified with the GibbsCAM solid modeling tools or machined directly.

Solids Positioning Tools

Powerful positioning tools allow you to position and orient solids easily and precisely, and avoid the hassle of calculating transformation to orient them correctly. Not only are these tools extremely useful when modeling a single part made up of multiple pieces, but they can streamline setting up part models in fixturing significantly.

Directly Machining 2.5D Solids

Not only do solid models provide considerable advantages during design, but they also offer many advantages during machining. GibbsCAM allows users to machine solids directly and take advantage of the additional information available in solids, which results in improved performance, reliability, and efficiency.


Identifying the manufacturable features in a part is a common starting point for a program. The Profiler interactively defines features like bosses, slots, and pockets. Unlike automatic feature recognition, the Profiler gives you complete control over the geometric elements that are included in a feature. The Profiler can also derive geometry interactively with feature-based machining.

Automatic Feature Recognition

Hole-making represents a significant amount of programming and machining time. GibbsCAM GO Solid Milling provides an automatic feature recognition (AFR) capability that identifies holes along with their position and orientation and also determines various hole aspects (chamfer, counter-sink/bore, bottom condition) based on the hole’s geometry.

Hole Manager

The Hole Manager streamlines the time-intensive process of hole-making by identifying hole parameters and grouping them for processing. The Hole AFR is integrated with the Hole Manager so that you can identify hole features to be loaded automatically. The Hole Wizard is similarly integrated so that hole information is passed directly for automatic tooling and toolpath generation.

Machine Simulation

Identify any programming errors before they cause costly mistakes on the shop floor. Uses a model of your machine tool to simulate machine tool motion and verify your setup.

VoluMill™ Solids

Adds powerful high speed roughing functionality and controlled material removal rate for machining solid models. Automatically avoid tool and holder collisions in deep pockets. Wall cleanup functionality leaves minimal material on tapered walls without wasting machining time.

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Radial Milling

Simultaneously drives one rotary axis (A, B, or C) with X, Y, and/or Z for true 4-axis analytic cutting. Supports Y-axis off-center milling for radial prismatic parts defined by solid models or 3D geometry.

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