Tombstone Management Systems (TMS)

GibbsCAM TMS (Tombstone Management System) was developed specifically to simplify and streamline the multi-part setup, programming, toolpath verification and post processing for tombstone machining. Within a single interactive graphic interface, the TMS dialog provides all the options and flexibility required for CNC programmers to specify and modify machining strategies and generate efficient, error-free G-code ready for your machines.

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GibbsCAM TMS provides:

  • The ability to create a part and fixture combination and have it automatically duplicated in a layout
  • Various options to automatically locate and arrange parts on a tombstone face
  • The flexibility to arrange a different part on each face, or mix parts on each face
  • The ability to program parts or faces at different Z levels
  • The choice of duplicating an arrangement across all faces or creating different arrangements on each face
  • The ability to add or clear operations for exceptions on each face, such as part features or machining operations blocked by adjacent workpieces
  • The ability to set different safe distances for traversing from part to part and indexing (rotating) from one face to the next
  • Options for optimizing cycle time – by tool, by tool and part, or by tombstone face
  • Support of subroutines, canned cycles and B-rotation positions in the G-code output
  • The ability to generate CNC code in single-part mode to prove set up and machining before running a fully loaded tombstone