Order Management

Order Management

CRIBWISE helps manufacturers and machine shops to manage their tooling inventory and streamline their purchasing and service management processes.

By automating these crucial tasks, CRIBWISE alleviates the burden of administrative workload, allowing businesses to allocate their valuable resources to other critical areas. With its automated purchase order generation based on real-time inventory levels and consumption data, CRIBWISE ensures that your business never experiences delays due to tool stock shortages, enabling consistently efficient operations.

A smart way to automate and streamline purchasing and service management processes. Minimize time wasted on administrative tasks.

Streamline purchasing and service management process.

Key features

  • Service management
  • Automated ordering
  • Work order management
  • ERP-integrations
  • API capability
  • Customizable purchase order templates
  • TDM-systems integration (TDM license required)

Order Management Benefits

Quickly and easily pinpoint tool consumption

Allocate tools on a per-work order basis

Automate & streamline the purchase ordering process

Minimize administrative tasks and improve efficiency


CRIBWISE has the ability to integrate with widely used ERP Systems, and includes a ready-to-use integration with Monitor G5 ERP included as standard. Synchronizing purchase order data from CRIBWISE to ERP systems allows for more accurate and efficient management of purchase orders, which can ultimately help you to streamline the manufacturing process and improve overall quality control.

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