Hardware and Software Sales and Support:

Our company sells and supports hardware like Roland mills/engravers, 3Dconnexions peripherals, eNETDNC, and any software that comes with them. We also resell and support a variety of software packages like GibbsCAM, SpaceClaim, and RopeCAM, as well as create our own products like Raster2Vector and CSIFlex. Installation and training support can be given through many of the methods mentioned below.



Gibbs Off Maintenance Support – (GOMS)

GOMS, short for Gibbs Off Maintenance Support, is a dedicated initiative designed to ensure that every GibbsCAM user, irrespective of their maintenance status, has access to essential tools, support, and a thriving ecosystem. We understand the challenges faced by customers not on maintenance, who find themselves excluded from critical components such as posts, macros, plugins, and support services. Our primary objective is to align these off-maintenance customers with our shared vision, making them less likely to explore alternatives outside the Gibbs ecosystem.

Here’s what GOMS entails:

1. Dedicated Hotline:

– A toll-free number ensuring any GibbsCAM customer, regardless of their maintenance status, can connect with a knowledgeable professional to seek assistance, vent concerns, or ask questions

2. Tailored Solutions:

– Offering the option for customers to purchase posts, macro modifications, or plugins as needed, empowering them with the flexibility to enhance their GibbsCAM experience

3. Software Retrieval:

– Assisting customers who may have lost their software by facilitating a seamless download process, ensuring uninterrupted workflow

4. Universal Support:

– Providing support services that transcend the GibbsCAM version, allowing users to access assistance and guidance, fostering continuity in their operations

5. Cost-Effective Solutions:

– Offering this comprehensive support at a pricing structure significantly more affordable, typically ranging from one-half to one-third of conventional GibbsCAM maintenance costs


The GibbsCAM full colour textbooks we provide are a great way to learn the software yourself. Each book caters to a different module so you only have to buy the ones you need. They all start with a primer in the beginning to explain the applicable function locations and ways to operate them. They also include step-by-step tutorials that you can follow to create a part from scratch. The current textbooks are for GibbsCAM 13, but if you’re using an older version then we may still have textbooks available for it.

Online Training:

Online Training is a great way to learn the software from an experienced user. We can use one of the many tools like GotoMeeting, Zoom, and Skype to connect over the internet and share screens and keyboard/mouse control. This option can be a very flexible way to learn things when you have a busy schedule, and can also accommodate multiple students in different locations to suit your needs. Time can be purchased in blocks and doesn’t have to be used all at once. Maybe you’d rather meet for an hour a day, or an hour a week, so you have time to do your other work too. It also gives you time to use what you learned and think up questions for next time.

Classroom Training:

Another way to learn software from one of our experienced users is in a classroom setting. We have offices in Greensburg, PA, Burlington, ON and Montreal, QC that have classrooms equipped with everything you need to learn. Some software can be taught in a day or two, and more complex software like GibbsCAM have a set curriculum where each day is dedicated to a different module, so it’s easier to decide what needs to be taken. You can also get custom training specific to your needs. We might be able to cover several different topics in a single day, especially if it’s one-on-one. We normally have standard Level 1 and Level 2 GibbsCAM courses offered each month at our office. Sometimes we’ll hold special classes in other locations based on demand. These can be held anywhere with the right classroom environment, but most often end up being at schools, like Red River College in Winnipeg for example.

On-Site Training:

If you would prefer, we can also conduct training on-site at your facility. We can use your computers/licenses, or provide laptops for the students to use during the training. Many customers opt to use their own parts during training so that they can run the code and verify the output is correct.

Tech Support:

We provide tech support for most of the products we offer. Call response times beat the benchmarks in the software industry, with over 95% answered within the first 45 seconds by a live support representative. You can also send questions and files through email, or upload them to our cloud if they’re too big. If a remote session is required, we have tools like GotoMeeting and Zoom that enable screen and keyboard/mouse sharing.

Contract Design:

Solid models are becoming much more common, and may even be necessary when dealing with complex designs. One of our team can take a 2D blueprint and create a solid model based on the given dimensions. If you have an idea that’s still in your head then we might also be able to help design it and create the required prints and models.

Contract Programming:

If you’re having trouble keeping up with programming then we can help. We’ll take your parts and create the GibbsCAM program files/code that you need to manufacture them. Contract programming is flexible and can range from all remote to all on-site, and also from full input to no input from the customer, and anything in between. For example, if it’s a matter of your current programmer being too busy then you may already know the tooling and methods that you want to use, and in that case we can follow that direction and possibly do everything remotely. In another case a programmer might have quit unexpectedly and now you need someone to go on-site for an extended amount of time and make decisions on everything from tooling to fixture design/creation. You may also be able to save money by doing something in between like programming the parts remotely and then going on-site when they’re ready to run.

Post Processor Support:

When it comes to GibbsCAM, our post developers can make sure the code that you get is what you want. We sell and support GibbsCAM post processors from basic to advanced. Whether it’s a brand new post, or adding new functionality to an old one, your machine information will be taken and our team will create all of the necessary files to produce usable code for it. If you’re constantly making edits after post processing then there’s a good change that we can minimize or eliminate that.

Plug-ins and Macros:

CAM Solutions can develop GibbsCAM plug-ins and macros that benefit the programmer in a variety of ways. Our already available Raster2Vector plug-in allows you to import a raster image, like a logo or picture, into GibbsCAM so that the vector geometry can be used to create a tool path. We’ve also developed customer specific macros that make programing in family of parts situations extremely fast. If you’re looking to add functionality we might have a solution for you.



If you’ve ever wondered how your shop compares to the rest of the world then we can give you piece of mind that things are being done efficiently. We see a variety of customers doing things many different ways and can give you an idea of what weak points exist in your system. Some of our other solutions could also end up helping improve those weak points.