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Roland machines

From one-off prototypes, to production runs in the thousands, these machines can be an affordable solution and can easily fit into your home or office



We sell a variety of Roland machines that can fit easily into a home or work office. They can be used to mark items, make gifts, cut parts, and a variety of other tasks, all with a small form factor and easy operation. All of the machines come with bundled programming software, and some can also run on g-code. From one-off prototypes, to production runs in the thousands, these machines can be an affordable solution for your business. You can find a quick overview of the machines we offer below, as well as visit the detail pages for more information.

Impact Printers

Impact printers like the MPX-95 use a stylus with a hard tip to create designs by impacting and deforming the material. You can imprint things like information and images onto many types of materials. It can be used in industry to mark tools with valuable information like serial numbers and barcodes, or be used by a business or hobbyist to create personalized gifts, and everything in between. There are also kits available that specialize in each of these tasks. These machines are hassle-free when it comes to operation and maintenance, and can produce amazing results for an affordable price.

Rotary Engraving Machines

Rotary engravers like the DE-3 and EGX-30A use a spinning tool to cut primarily 2D information and designs into the material. While not as flexible as the milling machines, these can be a cost-effective solution if you’re not looking to cut full 3D parts. You can use these machines to personalize things like awards, gifts, jewellery, rhinestone decorated apparel, and ADA-compliant signage. The EGX-30A is a more affordable solution, while the DE-3 has a higher price, but is faster and has more functionality.

Compact and Benchtop Milling Machines

Small form factor milling machines like the SRM-20, MDX-50, and MDX-540 also use a spinning tool to cut the material. These are capable of engraving too, but are designed to cut full 3D parts for prototyping or production. These mills can produce a smooth surface finish and tight tolerances while cutting a variety of materials including styrene, ABS, nylon, wood, chemical woods, non-ferrous metals, and more. The SRM-20 compact mill is the smallest, while the MDX-50 and MDX-540 benchtop mills provide a bigger work envelope and additional attachments.

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