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At it’s core eNETDNC provides a way to link CNC machines to your network. This can be done both wired or wirelessly, depending on the scenario. Data, like G-code programs, can then be shared between the machine and computer. This can eliminate the need to manually transfer files back and forth. The files can be located on a central server that everyone can access, preventing confusion when it comes to things like revisions.

With eNETDNC the operator can send/receive data using the CNC control, so they don’t have to leave the machine. The eNETDNC system also helps with file organization, storage, and backup. With Smart File Compare file revisions are managed and the original files are preserved. All of the uploads are reviewed for changes and stored for approval.

If you don’t have a DNC system already, or have one that isn’t working properly, you could be undermining your profit margin. For that reason, the return on investment for an eNETDNC system can be very fast. Most companies realize a payback period of less than 6 months. Some return on investment calculations revealed paybacks in just six weeks.

An eNETDNC system will eliminate the following DNC related downtime:

- Operators leaving the machine to download CNC files
- Tracking down the laptop to load the programs
- Searching through numerous floppy's to find the right file
- Running the wrong file revision and creating scrap
- Waiting for support personnel to load the program
- No CNC files will be deleted or overwritten without authorization
- Operators leaving the machine to manipulate the switchbox
- Lost CNC files due to the control or the DNC computer crashing

We are happy to offer eNET products and installation/support. eNET is a product made by PortCNC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They’ve been in the DNC business for over 20 years and have developed a trusted relationship with many companies. Along with DNC, eNET provides other solutions for things like machine monitoring and data collection. You can explore our different eNET offerings below.

Free Trial - eNET LT 14-Day Trial

eNETDNC LT 14 Day Trial

Please note:

By downloading eNETDNC LT 14 Day Trial, you agree to the following:

    1. Installer must have network administrative rights to fully install this trial version.
    1. Trial version can only be attempted to install once per computer.




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