monoFab SRM-20

monoFab SRM-20

The SRM-20 is a next generation desktop milling machine that makes cutting precise 3D parts and prototypes simple. Any student, hobbyist, or professional will find that it’s one of the easiest CNC mills in its class to learn. It gives you advanced milling capabilities and efficient productivity without the need for expert operating skills.

Its affordable price, compact size, and fully enclosed cabinet make the SRM-20 convenient for use in any home, classroom, or office environment. Noise is reduced, and debris is kept inside of the unit, while you watch the cutting progress safely through the windows on the front and sides. The door has an intelligent safety interlock that automatically pauses the machine when it’s opened, then lets you resume operation once it’s closed. Airtight sealing technology also prevents debris from entering the spindle and other machine internals, ensuring a long life of producing accurate parts.

The powerful spindle motor on the SRM-20 is accompanied by an interchangeable collet system that accepts standard tools with different shank diameters. The micro-step motor drive system provides fast and accurate movements within a work area of 8” by 6” by 2.38”. The user-friendly virtual control panel (VPanel) software gives you visibility and control of things like feed, speed, and axis location. Additional bundled programming software includes SRP player, MODELA Player 4, iModela Creator, Virtual MODELA, ClickMill, and SFEdit2. The SRM-20 is also G-Code compatible for use with third party CAM packages like GibbsCAM.

One common use for the SRM-20 is to create parts or prototypes out of modeling wax, chemical wood, foam, acrylic, poly acetate, ABS, PC board and other materials. New designs and inventions can made and tested to prove them out before being put into full production. Printed circuit board (PCB) milling is another task that the SRM-20 excels at. Other uses include creating moulds, tools, engravings, reliefs, models, fine art, and more.

Parent Product: Roland

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