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Automated 3D milling right from your benchtop.


The MDX-50 is a precise bench top CNC mill that users of all abilities can operate. The unit is fully enclosed to limit noise, and keep debris inside, where it falls into the removable collection drawer for easy disposal. Almost the entire door is see through in the front and on top, and the internal lighting makes it easy to watch as the cutting progresses. Furthermore the machine will plug into a standard outlet and doesn’t require any extra equipment to operate. All of this makes it convenient and safe for use in home, classroom, and office environments.

Materials like ABS, POM, nylon, plastic foam, modeling wax, PVC, plywood, hardwood, acetal and more can be used to create designs of all sorts. The 15.8” by 12” by 5.3” work area is big enough to accommodate a single good sized part, or several smaller ones at the same time. The 15,000RPM spindle is accompanied by a multi-station automatic tool changer that doesn’t require an air compressor to function. The tool adaptor allows for instant installation of ATC tools without a wrench, making automatic and manual swapping easy when running programs that use multiple tools. Other features like automatic machine calibration and tool length sensing are also included to reduce operation time and simplify production.

The built in control panel and display on the front of the MDX-50 gives you full visibility and control of things like feed, speed, and tool position. The multi colour coded LED lights and optional email notifications will keep you up to date on machine status. Virtual control panel (VPanel) software is also included to operate the machine, even though the built in control panel will let you do almost everything without having to go back to the computer. It comes bundled SRP player and ClickMill software too, and is G-Code compatible for use with third party CAM packages like GibbsCAM.

An optional rotary axis can be purchased and mounted on the machine table. It can be used to index the part to specific angles from 0-360° without having to manually flip it around and fixture it yourself. It can also rotate simultaneously while the linear axes are cutting the part to produce cylindrical items like bottles and rings. The self-centering headstock and tailstock clamps are capable of holding the stock securely on both sides for full support while machining takes place.

Parent Product: Roland

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