DG-3 Shape Engraver

For over 30-years, Roland DG has lead innovation in rotary engraving technology and continues to break new ground with the DE-3 DGSHAPE desktop rotary engraver. Featuring laser-pointing technology, ethernet connectivity, automatic depth regulation and other intelligent enhancements, the DE-3 is one of the smartest, most intuitive rotary engravers on the market.


Like the EGX-30A, the DE-3 desktop rotary engraver uses an industry standard scribe or rotating tool to cut precise designs into a variety of different materials. It’s a cost effective versatile machine with a small footprint that performs like a reliable production class engraver. The powerful 20,000RPM DC brushless motor can be used to engrave at high speed without sacrificing quality, or causing the surface burning that lasers engravers produce. The unit is fully enclosed for safety, and to keep any debris inside the work area, making it ideal for offices and classrooms.

This smart and intuitive rotary engraver has many useful features, like a built in laser pointer and advanced surface detection, that make setup and operation simple. The Ethernet connection allows you to remotely operate multiple DE-3s at one time. The easy to use panel control lets you directly manipulate things like spindle speed and axis positioning without having to connect a computer. You can even send job data and keep it stored in the controller after the computer is disconnected. Dr. Engrave Plus software is included, and the open source technology works out of the box with all popular engraving software packages.

The DE-3 can be used for a variety of tasks on materials like gold, silver, brass, copper, aluminum, plastic, acrylics, laminates, wood, composites, glass, PCB circuit boards and more. You can use it to engrave things like names, graphics, and serial numbers onto items like gifts, plaques, signs, nameplates, trophies, awards, badges, jewellery, tools, promotional items, industrial products and others to personalize them and add value. The DE-3 is capable of engraving on flat and curved surfaces in a work area of 12” by 9”. Nose cones can be quickly installed on the spindle unit to prevent scratches on delicate materials and deliver a consistent depth of cut.

The base package DE-3 uses an adhesive sheet to hold items while they’re engraved. Additional accessories can be purchased that give other possibilities for work holding. For example, a center vise is available that will hold objects up to 5.9” (X) by 5.8” (Y) by 1.3” (Z). There are also extra options like the ADA Starter Kit and the Roland R-Wear Studio software that can be used with the DE-3.

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