Wired and Wireless DNC Systems

Wired and Wireless DNC Systems

Managing data for a single CNC can be a pain, and as a company grows things can get worse. With more CNC machines comes more data management. When a program is ready to be run it has to get to the machine somehow, then after it runs you may want to send the edited code back to the computer. If you’re on the machine and realize the program needs an edit that has to be done using a CAM system, then you might need to do additional transfers. Without a DNC system you may be burning a lot of time manually transferring the file on something like a USB, or sending from a laptop. You run into situations like having to constantly walk between the computer and CNC, or having to wait for the laptop, or a number of other scenarios that end up being inefficient. We offer both wired and wireless eNETDNC solutions to help solve these issues.

With eNETDNC all of the files can be stored in a single location. This can help a lot as machines, parts, revisions, and documentation start adding up. An unlimited number of machines can be linked and have access to the same server files as everyone else. That way anyone that’s connected to the server has visibility to those files, from the operator to the office workers. The system can protect the files with login based permissions so that the code can be used without being able to edit it. If you do edit the code, that file is saved as a new revision and the original code is preserved. If you want to check the differences between revisions there’s a compare feature that will show programs side by side to reveal any changes between them. There’s also a file editor that’s capable of 2D and 3D back plotting. You can use it to simulate a program before running it, so you have piece of mind that things will run safely.

In some cases the programing station and CNC machine might be in a different buildings, or different countries. One of our global customers uses eNETDNC to manage files for multiple facilities in North America and overseas. Any changes are global throughout every location and keep documentation in line with ISO and other quality management system standards.

The eNETDNC system is easy to use and designed to be compatible with existing networking infrastructure. We can also provide industrial grade hardware to create or expand a network. Everything is connected through CAT-5 cabling and/or a standard 802.11 Ethernet signal. All hardware includes high-voltage surge protectors to prevent harm to expensive machinery.

For more information about eNET wired and wireless DNC solutions, see the list below, or contact us directly.

Wired and Wireless DNC Specifications:

Product Name
– Wired DNC Networking Solutions and/or Wireless DNC Networking Solutions

– CNC Program File Management

Hardware Features
– Industrial Grade Components
– Standard CAT-5 Cabling
– Surge Protection Up to 20 kV
– Made in the USA

Software Features
– Based on Standard 802.11 Ethernet
– Plant-wide Accessibility
– Tapered User Access Capabilities
– Real-time Monitoring
– Automated Notification/Alert System
– CNC File Editor with Revision Protection
– Network File Back-up Capabilities
– Compatible with All Brands of CNC Machinery
– Compatible with Standard Network Security

– C++

Operating System Compatibility
– All 32-Bit Microsoft Windows Systems
– All 64-Bit Microsoft Windows Systems
– Windows 98
– Windows NT
– Windows 2000
– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 10

– Increased Production Efficiency
– Data Acquisition on Machine Status
– Operator Accountability
– Revision Tracking for QMS Compliance

Industry Focus
– Machine Shops
– Tool & Die Shops
– Manufacturing

Parent Product: eNETDNC