Data Collection Software and Hardware

Data Collection Software and Hardware

We can help you collect data gathered from many types of machines, both manual and CNC. With a single eNET network in place you’ll be able to do things that might require multiple duplicate networks to do in other cases. Information on jobs, part quantities, maintenance schedules and more can be collected and integrated into most ERP systems. You can use the network to monitor your machines in real-time and gather data that can help you with future planning, historical accuracy, and security. You can expect improved accuracy, operator accountability and increased production efficiency.

The eNET system is compatible with all brands of machinery and uses industrial grade components. The network uses standard 802.11 Ethernet protocols and is surge protected up to 20kv. The software is compatible with any 32 or 64 bit Windows operating system and is completely customizable, with additions like barcode scanners and extra data inputs available if required.

For more information about eNET data collection solutions, see the list below, or contact us directly.

Data Collection Software and Hardware Specifications:

Product Name
– eNETDNC Data Collection

– Data Collection from CNC & Manual Machinery
– Communicates Job-Related Information Directly from the Machine Control

Hardware Features (eTERMINAL Addition)
– Industrial Grade Components
– Standard CAT-5 Cabling
– Surge Protection Up to 20 kV
– Made in the USA
– Barcode Scanner (optional)
– Customizable

Software Features
– Easily Integrates with most Client ERP Systems
– Based on Standard 802.11 Ethernet
– Plant-wide Accessibility
– Tapered User Access Capabilities
– Real-time Monitoring
– Automated Notification/Alert System
– Compatible with All Brands of CNC and Manual Controls
– Compatible with Standard Network Security
– Automated File Compare
– Add-ons (Addition of any Data Inputs)

Input Examples
– Employee Number
– Job Number
– Set-up Time
– Production Time
– Accurate Part Quantities
– Scrap Parts
– Scrap Codes
– Maintenance Scheduling
– Material Parts
– Maintenance Parts (Ex. Oil)

– C++

Operating System Compatibility
– All 32-Bit Microsoft Windows Systems
– All 64-Bit Microsoft Windows Systems
– Windows 98
– Windows NT
– Windows 2000
– Windows XP
– Windows Vista
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows 10

– Increased Production Efficiency
– Data Acquisition on Machine Status
– Operator Accountability
– Improves Accuracy
– Captures Real World Data
– Expanded to Support Unlimited Number of Machines
– Supports all CNC Machine Control Types
– Eliminates the need for Duplicate Systems Wired Throughout the Shop
– Eliminates the need for Expensive Centralized Computer or Data Collection Stations on the Shop Floor
– Customizable (Addition of any Data Inputs)
– Inclusion of Client Suggestions
– Configurable to any Shop Management or ERP System

Industry Focus
– Machine Shops
– Tool & Die Shops
– Manufacturing

Parent Product: eNETDNC