Introducing CSIFLEX, real-time systems information that offers you insight and predictability to your manufacturing enterprise.


Quickly Recognize Value - Fast and Easy Deployment

CSIFLEX delivers information in context to your team so they can fully harness the potential of the data captured throughout your enterprise. This easy-to-deploy role-based solution can safely capture, activate, share, and allow executives to analyze and leverage structured data to lower costs and risk while improving efficiencies. CSIFLEX provides a way to discover the facts, recognize value, then utilize this information for better business insight and outcomes. Deploying CSIFLEX is quick and easy, it’s completely scalable, for both large and small operations, and it’s AES encrypted data vault ensures your data is kept safe at all times, even when it’s accessed via our cloud-based solution.

Expose Vital Insight From Unstructured Information

Capturing asset utilization and in-process activities information created by employees and desolate systems helps companies control efficiencies, automate processes and manage how manufactured products are handled and by whom. CSIFLEX provides information management tools that can turn complex structured and unstructured data into a competitive advantage. Data access and capture solutions built within CSIFLEX can capture, store, manage, integrate and deliver various forms of data throughout your enterprise.

Put Information To Work For You, And Deliver Improved Results

CSIFLEX’s advanced information management software makes it possible to optimize outcomes by gaining more value out of the wealth of information within your organization and its data - whether it’s a machine tool, software application or regulatory procedure. By analyzing pertinent data in an easy-to-read configurable format, and involving the right people, you can create the best case outcome in the least amount of time needed. CSIFLEX offers a flexible role-based environment that allows users to access only the data they need, when they need it, and in a format they can understand. Regardless of the size of your organization, you’ll find that CSIFLEX can accommodate your unique requirements.

An Intelligent Way To Run Your Business

Find, organize, analyze and deliver business insight from your entire production enterprise. With more than 80% of your information landscape comprised of desolate systems, you need an analytic approach that will surface new actionable insights from actual results, not opinions. From these new insights, organizations can anticipate, shape and deliver better business outcomes. By leveraging sophisticated natural language processing, your organization can understand the meaning and context of information within graphical and textual information, delivered in documents, reports, email, web content and much more.

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