Software for a round, buttress thread and trapezoid thread NC turning

ROPECAM produces NC-code for any outer or inner diameter rope thread. Programming taper for the rope thread, the ROPECAM allows declivity for the rope thread profile.

You don’t need expensive special tools, with RopeCAM you can use standard turning tools. RopeCAM apply also for a cable barrels thread NC-programming. Example: Rd DIN 405-1 thread can be machined standard turning tool.

RopeCAM8_page1 RopeCAM8_page2 RopeCAM8_page3 RopeCAM8_page4 Köysikierre
Pyörökierre Trapetsikierre buttress taper thread2 Buttress_Copper2  


Key features:

  • Buttress thread NC-programming
  • More advanced thread profile follow up
  • Thread roughing by values given by user
  • More advanced thread profile simulation with Zoom and speed control
  • Possibility to measure tool from middle or from corner
  • Possibility to programming flat proportion to thread top and/or bottom
  • International regional settings
  • Trapezoid thread, acme thread NC-turning
  • Trapezoid thread, acme thread measurements table
  • Possibility to add thread measurements and cutting parameters as comments to NC-code
  • Theoretical Surface Roughnes (Ra) calculation
  • Scallop Height calculation
  • Buttress thread features (different side angles and radius)
  • Multible thread programming
  • Selection of Thread profile machining direction (+/-)
  • Thread profile with rounded bottom
  • Q-type NC-code for Mori Seiki lathes
  • Project management, open, save, save as…
  • Variable pitch support for all thread type.

 Download New RopeCAM 2017 Demo v8.1

RopeCAM requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7, 10
Disk Space 50 MB