3DxWare® 10

3DxWare® 10

3DxWare 10 is the software that drives all 3Dconnexion products. It uses a clean and intuitive interface to let you easily customize all of your devices in one place. You can use it to do many things like pair devices, change settings, and assign button functions. In some situations 3DxWare 10 can detect what application and environment you’re using and change the settings and assigned functions to match automatically.

It’s very simple to switch between devices and tailor them to your liking. The settings you get will depend on the products you have. Among other things, a SpaceMouse will give you the ability to individually control each axis, to adjust the speed and direction of movement, or disable them completely. A CadMouse will have settings for things like the scroll wheel and polling rate. Each 3Dconnexion device also has programmable buttons on it that can be assigned specific functions using 3DxWare 10. You can bind a variety of things to each button, from single keys or commands, to customized macros containing multiple inputs.

For even more convenience you can create and bind custom radial menus with up to 8 keys/commands/macros each. When you press a button the assigned radial menu will appear so you can click on, or gesture toward, the required function with your mouse. By using radial menus even a regular SpaceMouse and CadMouse, that have less buttons than the others, can give you quick access to numerous functions.

When using wireless products the Universal 2.4GHz USB Receiver can be paired with up to 5 devices at once. The 3DxWare 10 software makes it easy to pair devices, and select which ones to customize. This is very convenient if you have limited USB ports available on your computer.

The twin-port USB hub is another way to minimize USB port usage by splitting a single port into two. If you have a wireless device this means you can connect the Universal 2.4GHz USB Receiver and charging cable at the same time, so you don’t have to swap them when the battery is dead. You could also have a SpaceMouse and CadMouse plugged in at the same time, like with the SpaceMouse Enterprise Kit.

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