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Like the DE-3, the EGX-30A is a compact desktop engraver that uses a rotating tool to cut precise designs into a variety of different materials. The advanced DC brushless motor with 0.125” diameter spindle accepts industry standard engraving, scribing, and burnishing tools. This versatile machine is a quiet and powerful engraving solution that has the one of the fastest production speeds in its desktop class.

Features like adhesive work holding and automatic material thickness detection make the EGX-30A easy to operate. You can use the buttons and knobs on the built in control panel to adjust feed, speed, and position directly on the machine. A computer can be connected with the included USB cable to control the machine using the bundled Dr. Engrave software. It’s also compatible with most engraving programs on the market like FlexiEngrave, EngraveLab, and TriPoint. The EGX can be a good digital replacement for old pantograph machinery that can be less efficient and require manual input at all times.

The EGX-30A can be used for a variety of tasks on materials like brass, aluminum, copper, plastic, wood and more. You can use it to engrave things like names, graphics, and numbers onto items like luggage tags, door plaques, funeral plates, safety signs, key rings, dog collars to provide many revenue possibilities in an affordable package. The 12” by 8“ work area isn’t covered, but the included vacuum hose can be used to keep debris from building up or getting all over the place.

The optional R-Wear Studio software gives you the ability to create rhinestone templates that can be used to help decorate items and apparel. It includes a library of 500 hot-fix rhinestones and a job cost calculator to show the required rhinestones and total price for each project. You create your design in R-Wear Studio, then use it to engrave a template using the EGX-30A. The rhinestones can then be put into the template and applied to the product you desire. You can find more information about how R-Wear Studio works on the software page.

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