Balloon & Extract Your Dimensions in One Step

Replace a manual process of ballooning and typing data which takes time and can lead to more errors. With our OCR (optical character recognition) you can place balloons on your drawing and extract data in one step.  You can customize the balloon locations, size, type, and color. 

Balloon dimensions and extract data in one step

balloon and extract

Revision Control

Parts get updated all the time, with InspectionXpert it's easy to update your inspection plan.  Compare and replace revisions to your part drawing, and see exactly what's changed. 

 Compare and replace a part drawing, then update inspection plan

compare and replace

Create Custom Reports 

Create inspection reports in common industry formats like AS9102 and PPAP dimensional results, as well as customized reports for all your First Article and In Process reporting requirements.

custom report

Import Measurement Data

Import measurement results from your CMM, input from hand tools, or key in manually. Correlate the values to your inspection drawings, and export to your inspection report. InspectionXpert compares the expected value with the measured value and highlights results as in tolerance, out of tolerance or marginally within tolerance. Customize your marginal pass percentage to determine what will be considered marginally within tolerance.

Below is a full list of CMM software supported by InspectionXpert. Use a different CMM software? Get in touch. 

Calypso MeasureMax Open Dmis
Camio Metrologic PC-DMIS
CMM Manager Metrosoft CM Delimited Polyworks
CSV Metrosoft Quartis PowerInspect
Faro CAM2 MicroVu Looping QC5000 - IK5000
Geomeasure Modus Taurus - TDR
LK-CMES OGP - Smart Scope Taurus
LK-DMIS A OGP - MeasureMind Virtual DMIS/VDMIS

import cmm


Upload to Net-Inspect

Export your inspection report directly into Net-Inspect with the click of a button.

Uploading to Net-Inspect 

upload net-inspect



CAD Support

Open and balloon a CAD drawing for your inspection plan without the purchase of an expensive CAD license. 

Supported file types: PDF/TIFF, AutoCAD, CATIA v5 and v6, NX, and Pro-E/Creo.

Balloon and extract a CAD model

balloon CAD

Use InspectionXpert’s Industry Leading QA/QC Inspection Software to: 

  • Quickly and accurately create inspection plans and reports
  • First-Article Inspections (FAI) from 3D MBD or 2D (CAD or PDF)
  • Full Layout Inspections
  • In-Process Inspections
  • Initial Sample Inspection Reports (ISIR)
  • Generate 3D PDFs from 3D CAD without a CAD license
  • Operation Sheets and more..
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